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The 10 Best Floor Cleaners You Can Buy in 2018 (Reviews + Buying Guide)

10 Best Floor Cleaners You Can Buy in 2018

Are you searching for ways to clean your floors faster and with less effort?

If so, you’re in the right place. We’re about to take a look at two different pieces of cleaning equipment that will make cleaning a complete breeze.

Steam mops and vacuums are what many people have been using to thoroughly clean their floors. However, prior to going out and committing to a purchase right away, we recommend that you take a look at our review below.

We’ve carried out extensive research to create a detailed list of some of the best steam mops and vacuums that are available right now.

Consider all of the features, pros, and cons to help you form your decision as to which option would be best for you.

Steam mops are fantastic choices for cleaning hard floors. However, some of them are available with 2-in-1 model features which let you steam clean hard floors as well as carpets.

The vacuums are also beneficial for cleaning hard floors and carpet too. So, take a quick look below to have a better understanding of what each cleaning item can offer you.

Best Steam Mops

BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop

The Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop is an awesome option for thoroughly and safely cleaning tile, hardwood, stone, marble, linoleum, ceramic, and laminate floors.


  • This PowerFresh Steam Mop by BISSELL works effectively to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
  • With a flip-down easy scrubber attachment, you’re able to effortlessly clean very tough dirt, regardless of whether they’re hard or sticky.
  • The easy scrubber feature is one of the main design aspects that allows you to clean your floors within a much shorter period of time.
  • It comes equipped with various steam cleaning settings. You can easily adjust these settings between low, medium, and high to suit your cleaning situation best.
  • A smart set digital system is available which allows you to be precise with the power of steam that you want to use.
  • We liked how there are discs of Febreze fragrances within the mop. As a result, any area you mop will be left looking and smelling fantastic.
  • You can find the water tank on the top of this mop and it can simply be refilled at any stage.
  • The water tank also takes just 30 seconds to completely heat up, ready for use.
  • BISSELL’s steam mop is excellent for providing your floors with a gentle clean that doesn’t damage it. This is because it only uses water.
  • The power cord is 23” in length, which is plenty to ensure you can easily clean your floors.


  • Easy-to-use removable water tank
  • A big mop for faster cleaning
  • Easy scrubber attachment to clean all kinds of dirt
  • Numerous steam settings available
  • Long cord length


  • The place where you put your foot down on the mop can become very hot and slippery
  • Some found that the pad bunches up

Read Full Review.

H20 Mop X5 Elite

With 1300W of power, this H20 Mop X5 Elite provides you with plenty of power to get the job done. Not to mention, it includes a ton of different add-ons that are beneficial for cleaning the whole house.


  • With a microfibre mop head, you can be sure to retain the mess, rather than simply moving it around on the floor.
  • We liked how this steam cleaner can also be used to clean carpeted floors too. This is a result of the carpet glider feature that allows you to easily get rid of carpet stains.
  • There is also a deodorizing feature to keep your floors smelling fresh.
  • A hand-held steamer is also equipped with this mop. All you have to do is click on two buttons and the steam cleaner can turn into a smaller sized option.
  • You also get a nylon brush and jet nozzle to help you clear out those extremely difficult areas of dirt.
  • The jet nozzle breaks down the dirt and the brush can be used to break it down even further until it’s all gone.
  • An extension hose is included which lets you clean glass, windows, and mirrors, minus any smears.
  • The garment steamer feature allows you to effortlessly relax clothing materials which work to get rid of wrinkles. So, you can save yourself the job of ironing.


  • Microfibre mop head for effective cleaning
  • Carpet glider lets you remove carpet stains
  • Leaves your floors smelling great
  • Hand-held steamer to reach other places
  • Brush and jet nozzle for targeted areas of dirt removal
  • Extension hose for window/glass cleaning
  • Garment steamer for removing wrinkles in fabrics


  • Some find the construction feels too flimsy

Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop

This Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop lets you easily clean your floors, without using any chemicals that can cause damage. Therefore, it’s fantastic for people living with children and pets.


  • They’ve designed this mop to be incredibly ergonomic by including handles that use soft grips.
  • We also found it to be extremely easy to use as it weighs less than 4 lbs. Therefore, you won’t be having to put as much effort into cleaning as before.
  • Once you fill up the water tank and switch this mop on, it can be ready to help you clean your floors within just 20 seconds. Moreover, the floors that you clean with the steam dry in under 20 seconds too.
  • You can fill up the water tank with 7.4 ounces of water too, which means you don’t have to keep on refilling it too often.
  • A snap-on glider is available separately which allows you to clean your carpets.
  • We liked how this mop is incredibly effective at providing your floors with a deep clean. This is because it’s able to remove the toughest areas of dirt that most mops can’t compete with.
  • The cord is 16.9 feet, which is enough for most people to clean their floors with no hassle.
  • The microfibre pads utilize a trip-layer design that works to clean all kinds of hard floors.


  • Ergonomic design for effortless cleaning
  • Lightweight construction makes cleaning easier
  • Quick start-up and drying times
  • Large water tank
  • Long cord available
  • Microfibre pads with triple layer design thoroughly clean floors


  • The blinking lights for the auto-shutoff mode can be a little irritating

HOOVER Steam Mop

HOOVER’s steam mop is effective for killing 99.9% of bacteria found on the floor. It’s super easy to use and provides you with various cleaning options.


  • This steam mop is built with an incredibly lightweight design which allows you to easily carry it around your home and clean with less effort.
  • We were impressed by the twin tank technology that’s available too. It enables you to fill one tank with completely clean water, and the other with a solution.
  • So, if you were cleaning floors that are prone to easily being damaged, you can simply use the plain water tank to provide the steam cleaning.
  • For those wanting to clean their floors with a solution, that option is also available.
  • There are tile and grout scrub brushes available too. These making getting rid of tough stains a lot easier.
  • You can attach the carpet glider attachment to provide your carpets with a deep clean.
  • The order includes a total of two cleaning pads, solution, and a carpet glider.
  • You can alter the settings of the steam provided by using the simple touch screen steam control panel.


  • Lightweight for easy cleaning
  • Twin tanks available for water & solution
  • Carpet glider for cleaning carpets
  • Touchscreen steam control panel


  • You have to hold down a trigger to release the steam while cleaning

Steamfast SF-295 3-in-1 Steam Mop

This Steamfast mop comes with a 3-in-1 system that allows you to clean floors as well as other places with ease. We recommend this one for people with smaller places.


  • You receive a steam mop, fabric steamer, and hand-held steamer with this Steamfast model.
  • All of them work to provide your surfaces with a thorough cleanse without harmful chemicals.
  • It also works to provide a pleasant smell to floors and surfaces after they’ve been cleaned.
  • The water tank can be easily removed and has a maximum capacity of 15 ounces. You have plenty of water to clean without having to stop and refill.
  • The steam mop takes just 30 seconds to warm up and be ready to use.
  • An LCD display allows you to choose between 7 different steam settings.
  • There are two microfibre mop pads, three utility brushes, a fabric brush, and nozzle, as well as a squeegee included.
  • The fabric feature is fantastic for easily getting rid of wrinkles in upholstery and clothes.


  • Many steam settings available for deeper and gentler cleans
  • Easily removable and large water tank
  • LCD display for easier use
  • Fabric steamer removes wrinkles in clothes
  • Hand-held steamer for cleaning harder-to-reach places
  • Quick start-up time


  • Some find the mop surface area wasn’t as great for larger spaces

Best Vacuum Cleaners

Prolux Stick Electric Vacuum Broom

Those of you after a cordless vacuum cleaner that cleans vinyl, laminate, concrete, or tiles will appreciate what this Prolux vacuum has to offer.


  • The design of this vacuum is upright and it comes with a handheld vacuum that can be easily detached and reattached. This is awesome for cleaning cars and accessing areas that regular vacuums simply can’t.
  • Due to its upright design, you’ll find that this vacuum can remain in position without having to lean it against something.
  • It’s very slim, which makes cleaning under furniture a breeze.
  • We were surprised by how it’s equipped with headlights. This improves visibility in areas that are darker.
  • At just 6 lbs in weight, it’s very easy to clean with.
  • When fully charged, it can last up to 24 minutes before running out of power.
  • The bagless feature let can be easily removed for getting rid of dirt from cleaning. It has a very large capacity that’s great for cleaning multiple rooms at a time.
  • With a cordless design, you don’t have to worry about any annoying cables getting in the way anymore.
  • You can also fold down the handles to ensure the vacuum can fit into storage easier.


  • Lightweight design for easy cleaning
  • 24-minute power capacity
  • Handheld vacuum for cleaning tighter areas
  • Bagless system is more convenient
  • Folding design for easier storage
  • Stylish design


  • Charging light is too bright for some
  • Swivel feature could be better

Dyson DC65 Vacuum

Dyson has gained a fantastic reputation for providing high-quality cleaning equipment – and this is no different with their DC65 vacuum.


  • This vacuum is powered by a V4 engine along with incredible radial root cyclone technology. As a result, you’re provided with an exceptional amount of suction power for thorough cleaning.
  • There is a total of 245 air-watts available, which is among one the highest that you can find in vacuums.
  • The Dyson Ball feature is fantastic for easy mobility for cleaning around furniture.
  • We liked how the head of the clean adjusts itself automatically depending on the floor type. It will increase or decrease in height to provide maximum suction, while you’re still using it.
  • The bin has a maximum capacity of .55 gallons, which is plenty for cleaning various rooms before needing to be thrown out.
  • With a 35-foot cord, you can be sure to easily clean the home without the hassle.
  • It weighs 21.2 lbs, which contributes to making cleaning even easier.
  • You can wash the HEPA filter at your convenience.


  • 245 air-watt power for ultimate suctioning and cleaning abilities
  • Dyson Ball for easy maneuvering
  • Auto-adjusting head
  • Large bin capacity
  • Long Cord
  • Lightweight design


  • On/off switch can prove to be a struggle to use
  • Latch system can be a little difficult to lock

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E Vacuum

This vacuum by Shark Navigator comes with a 2-in-1 feature that allows you to easily reach areas that vacuums can’t. It’s super easy and lightweight to use as well.


  • We liked how you can simply push a button to release a canister that makes it easier to clean areas that vacuums struggle to reach.
  • The Hard Floor Hero feature ensures that all dirt is effectively cleaned up off the floor.
  • With an anti-allergen HEPA filter, you can be sure to collect 99.9% of allergens and dirt within the vacuum.
  • At just 13.7 lbs, this vacuum is incredibly lightweight and very easy to use.
  • This vacuum provides an impressive amount of suction power to make sure that you can leave your floors looking completely clean afterward.
  • The power cord is 25-foot long, meaning that you can clean multiple rooms without having to constantly unplug and plug the vacuum back in.
  • We also found that the dust cap has a very large capacity, allowing for longer and effective cleaning times.


  • The lift-away feature lets you use the canister for handheld cleaning
  • Incredible suction power for effective cleaning
  • Very lightweight design
  • Long power cord
  • Large capacity dust cap


  • Vacuum head could be larger for quicker cleaning
  • Lack of headlights available


BLACK+DECKER has created a vacuum that is super lightweight, comfortable to use, and provides you with a low maintenance running cost.


  • This vacuum by BLACK+DECKER weighs in at a total of 8.8 lbs. It has been specially designed to be so lightweight to ensure that you can carry it around your home and clean with ease.
  • You’ll find that this vacuum feels incredibly easy and comfortable to use. One of the main reasons for this is because they’ve purposefully designed the handle to be ergonomic.
  • The swivel steering feature provides you with an incredible amount of flexibility to reach various areas for more thorough cleans.
  • We were impressed by how the cleaning width path is a massive 12”. This feature means that you are able to cover a lot of ground and vacuum your floors a lot faster.
  • You are able to collect all of the dirt in a large dust cap that can hold a maximum capacity of two liters.
  • This dust cap also means that you can save money on having to buy replacement bins each time you use one. Instead, you can simply reuse it.
  • The cord is 20 feet in length, which provides you with plenty of access to various room without having to unplug and plug the vacuum in different rooms.


  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Swivel steering for maneuverability
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Large dust cap
  • Long cord length


  • No height adjustment options

HOOVER Wind Tunnel UH72405PC

This Wind Tunnel vacuum by HOOVER works remarkably well to prevent dirt and allergen particles from getting into the air during cleaning. It’s also able to reach deep down and collect trapped dirt for a thorough clean.


  • HOOVER’s Wind Tunnel UH72405PC provides you with a total of three suction channels that work incredibly well to pick up dirt. It also ensures that the debris that gets caught deeper down is sucked up too.
  • The easy steering feature enables you to effortlessly vacuum in between and around furniture. This is a result of the handle that can twist in the precise direction that you want the vacuum to go.
  • They’ve included allergen prevention technology that stops 99% of particles that can cause allergies from being let out into the air.
  • There are eight cyclones built into this vacuum which is what works to suck in the allergen particles, and other dirt, from getting into the air.
  • You’re able to clean your home with a dirt cup capacity of 1.2 liters.
  • The brush can be used on both hardwood and carpet floors by simply pressing a single button.


  • 3 suction channels for thorough cleans
  • Easy steering system
  • Allergen prevention tech
  • 8 cyclones to suck in dirt & allergen particles
  • Multifunctional brush for carpet and hardwood


  • Some notice it produces a smell
  • Part may be prone to overheating

Buying Guide

So, now that you have a better understanding of the different floor cleaners that are available, you may be wondering how to pick out the best one.

A huge part of that process is knowing what your requirements and budget are. Once you have those set in stone, you’ll have a much easier time narrowing down your search.

Give yourself a reasonable budget that you want to spend on a floor cleaner. Many of the options mentioned above are available for well under $100, and they do a great job.

While price can reflect high quality, that isn’t always the case. You can also still benefit from the more affordable choices too.

For both the steam and vacuum cleaners, weight and ease of use will be major factors for many to consider.

Do you want something that’s going to make your life easier while cleaning for long durations of time? If so, going with something lightweight would be best.

The amount of time you’re going to spend is a crucial aspect, especially for the steam cleaners. They come with a limited amount of water than you can fill the tank with. The bigger the water tank, the longer you can use it for before having to stop and refill.

Some of the vacuum mentioned above are cordless, which gives you the advantage of moving freely but it also means that you only have a certain amount of time you can use them for before they need recharging.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to carefully consider all of the features, advantages, and even the disadvantages of all the floor cleaners that we’ve mentioned in our review.

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with all the information you need to help you zero-in your search and find the best floor cleaner for you and your home.

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