3 Best Floor Mops (Honest Reviews)

3 Best Floor Mops (Honest Reviews)


Do you hate mopping your floors?

It’s a task that most of us dread. If you’re still stuck using a conventional mop and bucket, you desperately need to learn more about what some of the modern floor mops have to offer.

They work to help you mop floors quicker, while also doing a good job at the same time.

Many of us are so busy with hectic schedules with such little free time. Don’t waste it slaving over your kitchen floors. You can drastically cut down the amount of time you spend cleaning your floors.

You could save yourself so much time and effort that could be spent with friends and family – or even just to relax!

We understand that people have their individual requirements when it comes to cleaning their floors. For example, people with pets will need a mop that can effectively clean up hairs and general debris.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can be sure to get a better idea of what some of the top floor mops have to offer you in our review.

By the end, you will be left with an inclination as to which kind of mop would suit your needs the best. We’ve done all the research so that you don’t have to. Simply have a quick read through the review below!

Microfibre Wholesale Mop

This Microfibre Wholesale Mop has been designed as a professional grade. Therefore, it was primarily meant for professional cleaners who would wash other people’s floors. However, that means that the ordinary household cleaner will be able to clean their homes like the pros do.


  • This mop can clean laminate, hardwood, stone, concrete, and tile floors at a professional standard. It takes you a lot less time and effort to achieve this level of cleanliness too.
  • When you purchase this mop, you’ll find that it comes with a microfibre dust mop pad, wet mop pads, as well as two high-quality microfibre cloths.
  • The frame of this mop has been constructed using incredibly strong and durable aluminum materials. It features a 360-degree swivel action system which works to make cleaning around and under pieces of furniture incredibly easy.
  • Their mop handles attached to the frame that can be adjusted. They are made with stainless-steel materials to ensure they remain durable. You can alter the height adjustment of this handle from 4-6 feet, which allows you to easily clean the floor at a height that suits you. As a result, you no longer have to bend over to clean your floors.
  • We liked how this mop is also incredibly easy to maintain. You can simply remove the mop pads and throw them in the machine for effortless washing. Many customers have mentioned how they find this a lot more economical compared to pads that you dispose and replace.
  • The microfibre dust mop that’s included with this item is awesome for cleaning larger pieces of dirt. This includes dust, pet hair, and general dirt.
  • On the other hand, you also have the option to clean the floor at a deeper level by utilizing the wet mop pads.
  • Both the dust and wet mop pads work incredibly well to provide your floor with a deep clean.
  • You can save your floor from the harsh chemicals that are involved with the older mops. This mop allows you to use just water to effectively leave your floors sparkling clean, without damaging them.
  • This mop is 41.2 x 7.5 x 1.8″ in size, which is great for easy cleaning around your home.
  • It also weighs just 4.6 lbs, meaning that you can effortlessly carry it around your home for more convenient cleaning.


  • Great option for cleaning all kinds of hard floors – these include hardwood, ceramic, laminate, tile, and concrete floors.
  • You get to use a microfibre dust pad to effectively remove the surface layer dirt, such as dust and hairs etc.
  • The microfibre wet pad is available to give your floors a thorough cleaning to leave them looking brand new.
  • With an aluminum frame, you can be sure that this mop will be resistant to any knocks and bumps along the way.
  • The frame also has a swivel feature for super easy cleaning around and under furniture.
  • You can adjust the handles on the mop to a height that feels the best for you. So, you can save yourself some backache by not having to bend over while cleaning.
  • The machine washable pads are much more economical than ones that you replace after each use.
  • With a very lightweight design, everyone can clean their homes with less effort.


  • Some customers have found that the wet mop pad doesn’t work as well to clean up the dirt that gets caught in between the grooves of floors. This is more so the case among people with tiled floors that have deeper grooves.
  • Others notice that the Velcro attaching the pads to the mop are prone to becoming weaker over time. Therefore, purchasing extra Velcro may be something to think about.


The large mop pads that come with this Wholesale Mop work very well to help you cover large surface areas for quicker cleaning. Many customers are also appreciating how the swivel feature allows them to easily clean under furniture.

In addition to the cleaning benefits, you will also be glad about how easy it is to maintain this mop. Since the pads can be washed in the machine, you can continue to reuse them, instead of having to purchase new ones. This process is also more economical too.

All in all, for the affordable price that this mop is available at, we would recommend it to anyone looking to clean their homes quicker, and with less effort. Not to mention, it was made for the pros, so you can be sure to give your floors a high-end service.

Swiffer WetJEt Spray Mop

Those of you after a quick and effortless way to clean your floors will be very interested to learn more about the Swiffer WetJet Spray Mop . It works incredibly well to leave your floors looking immaculate while taking up less time and effort compared to traditional mops.


  • This Swiffer WetJet floor mop is equipped with an absorb and lock strip system. This work effectively to gather up the dirt and dust to prevent it from being moved around the floor while cleaning.
  • You can feel confident in using this floor mop for a variety of different wooden floors.
  • When you purchase this mop, you’ll find that it comes with three additional power pad refills, a power floor spray mop, two original mopping pad refills, as well as our batteries and a 500ml bottle that’s full of cleaning solution.
  • This Swiffer WeJet Spray mop used a one-of-a-kind dual nozzle spraying system. As a result, it can spray out cleaning liquids at a high rate to break through those tough messes. You can then use the pads to clean the dissolved dirt for more effective and quick cleaning.
  • This mop is 19.2 x 4.4 x 5.8″ in size. We found this to be a fantastic size for all home cleaners. It allows you to easily clean your home and store it away after without taking up a lot of space.
  • In addition to the compact size, we also appreciate how they’ve managed to create such an effective and lightweight floor cleaner. It weighs in at just 3.7 lbs. Therefore, carrying the cleaner to various rooms in your home would take minimal effort.
  • The handle that’s attached to the frame of this mop feels very strong and easy to grip. Therefore, you can be sure to have complete control over how you clean your floors.
  • You can have the Swiffer WetJet Spray Mop up and running within under five minutes after you’ve received. So, it’s very user-friendly and easy to get the hang of.


  • You can effectively and safely clean a variety of floors using this mop. They include laminate, sealed wood, ceramic, marble, tiles, stone, linoleum, and vinyl.
  • Once it’s delivered to you, it’s very easy to set up and start cleaning. Many people have been able to start cleaning within just five minutes of taking it out of the box.
  • We liked how you can clear your floors without leaving any residue behind afterward.
  • The incredibly lightweight design allows you to effortlessly carry the mop around and clean with little to no strain involved.
  • You receive a variety of additional pads and refills, as well as a backup power floor spray mop. Therefore, you can be sure to swap out any parts that may have worn down over time and need replacing.
  • The handle has a good grip and feels extremely sturdy to hold. This provides you with better control over how you clean your floors.


  • One of the biggest downsides to this Swiffer mop is how it lacks the ability to clean up larger pieces of dirt. Therefore, you may still need to do a quick sweep of your floor afterward to completely get rid of that large debris. This is one of the reasons why this mop is the 2nd best option, behind the Microfibre Wholesale Mop.
  • You cannot refill the mop with your own solution. You have to buy a specific type, which can become an added cost over time.


If you find yourself to be on a very hectic daily schedule, you want to maximize your free time. We found that the cleaning features of this Swiffer Mop allow you to spend less time cleaning. While it’s quicker, it still manages to be remarkably effective too. the numerous additional items that come with the mop also mean that you can easily replace any parts that become worn down or too dirty.

The all-in-one spray and mop feature are what makes it such a fantastic option for people with hard floors.

Casabella Original Mop

Do you want to clean in style while having an easier time reaching those tougher areas to clean?

The Casabella Original Mop has been constructed with incredibly durable materials, while still looking very stylish. Moreover, the lightweight and compact design mean you can clean your floors to leave them looking spotless within no time.


  • This mop by Casabella has been created using either a steel paint or blue finish. As a result, you can clean your floors with a very stylish looking mop.
  • The pole that’s fitted to this mop is constructed using incredibly high-grade steel. Therefore, you can be sure to purchase this mop once and know that it will last you for a very long time.
  • There is a lever attached to this mop that works to make wringing a much easier process. This lever is extremely strong, and it has been created to resist rust. This adds to the overall durability of the mop.
  • In addition to the steel pole and lever, we also found that the handle was made of steel too. Therefore, you can grip it tightly and clean your floors with precision and control, while knowing that the handle will remain strong for years to come.
  • We liked how this Casabella Original Mop comes with a head that can be refilled. So, whenever you need to top it up with liquid, you can do so easily and at your convenience.
  • The mop head that comes with this Casabella cleaning item is super effective at cleaning your floors. We found that it’s extremely impressive when it comes to absorbing any liquids from your floors.
  • At 52.5 x 10 x 3.5”, you’ll find that this mop is very compact and convenient to clean floors with.
  • Moreover, we liked how they’ve managed to design it at such a lightweight too. It weighs in at just 1.7 lbs, making it the lightest mop in our review. As a result, you can effortlessly move it around between different areas in your home for super easy cleaning.
  • Even though it has been built to last, Casabella also offers a lifetime warranty on their Original Mop. This provides you with a peace of mind as you know that you can rely on them to send out replacements or repair your mop.


  • When using the sponge to clean your floors, you’ll find that it doesn’t leave any leftover residue or marks. Therefore, your floors can be left spotless afterward.
  • The incredibly lightweight design makes using this mop super easy.
  • With the high-grade steel construction materials, you can feel confident in knowing that this is a mop that has been built to last.
  • In addition to the highly durable materials, they also offer a lifetime warranty. So, if anything on the mop breaks or you’re not completely happy, you can easily work with the company to send out new mops or repair existing ones.
  • Customers have been loving how easy the wringing feature is. You simply use the lever and the mop gets rid of excess water before you carry on cleaning the rest of your floor.
  • The head of the mop can also be easily refilled whenever you like.
  • Changing the mop head from time to time is a very straightforward process.
  • You can use this mop to effectively clean wood, marble, tiles, and linoleum floors.


  • Some notice that the mop heads don’t work to clean floors as effectively while using longer strokes. The pressure being put on the floor is decreased, so you’re better off sticking with shorter cleaning strokes.
  • Others have mentioned how they wished the handle for this mop was longer. It would save them from bending over as much while cleaning the floors.


The retro design of this mop gives it a very appealing visual aesthetic. However, it has also been created using very durable materials. It will last you a long time and comes with a lifetime warranty if you had any doubts. The cleaning features let you finish mopping hard floors quicker and more effectively too. It’s also the lightest mop in this review, which adds to the overall convenience factor.

Final Thoughts

You’re now left with a much better understanding of what some of the best floor mops have to offer.

Before making a purchase, we advise you to take the time to consider what your cleaning needs are. This will help you to narrow down your search and pick out the mop that fits your needs the best.

This means looking at all the main features, pros, and cons of each mop.

Hopefully, we’ve made that job a lot easier by reviewing the three-floor mops above. They are a fantastic investment that will save you a lot of time and hassle for cleaning your floors.

Overall Rating

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