Bissel Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop Review


Do you need a steam mop that you can use to clean your entire house?

Through your research, you may have noticed that most steam mops are primarily meant for cleaning hard floors. However, you’ll be surprised when you discover how versatile the Bissel Lift-Off Steam Mop is.

It comes with a huge range of attachments that allow you to steam clean everything from your windows and sinks to your floors and countertops.

You can also be sure that this cleaning system inflicts absolutely no harm onto your surfaces. This is because it uses steam cleaning, which involves water – no chemicals involved whatsoever. It’s an incredibly effective way to clean up to 99.9% of germs.

Features of the Bissel Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop

We found this Bissel Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop to come with many features that make it a fantastic option for pet owners. Having said that, it’s also a great choice for anyone looking to steam clean different areas of their home, aside from their floors.

Take a look below to learn more about the features on offer:

  • This mop uses natural steaming methods to effectively clean 99.9% of germs.
  • Since there are no chemicals, you can be assured that this steam mop is very friendly to surfaces and cleans them with no damaging effects
  • The LiftOFF POD can be easily removed which enables you to clean a variety of surfaces. Therefore, you’re not just limited to floors, you can use the mop to clean counters, windows, grout, and sinks.
  • This is possible due to the fact that the mop comes with a total of 13 different attachments that are all suitable for different cleaning conditions.
  • When using the LiftOFF POD, you simply detach it from the main steam cleaner, which lets you become more mobile and access smaller areas.
  • An EasyScrubber system can be flipped down to enable you to get rid of stickier and harder to clean dirt.
  • You’re able to eliminate bad odors too as a result of the special scent discs that are built-in to the mop. Therefore, you can be sure to leave your cleaned areas smelling nice.
  • The mop pads are disposable, so, you don’t have to carry on cleaning with the same dirty pad. You can simply remove it, throw it away, and put a replacement one in.
  • If you have pets, you’re able to easily get rid of drool marks that often appear on glass surfaces and windows. This is a result of the Window squeegee tool that works to remove drool traces.
  • For those harder bits of dirt, you can simply utilize the brush that’s equipped. This lets you break through the dirt and scrape it off easier before steam cleaning the area.
  • People are also liking how they can use the corner tool and extension hose to effectively clean out the carrier items that they use for pets.
  • You are able to choose between different cleaning settings too. these include “Low” and “High”. The low setting means that you use up less water in the tank, but it’s not as powerful. Using the high setting allows you to steam clean with more power, but it uses up the water in the tank quicker.
  • This mop is 13.2 x 11.1 x 44.7” in size, which makes it great for using around the home with ease.
  • It weighs in at 10.6 lbs, which is a fantastic weight for steam cleaning your home with no hassle.
  • The water tank is able to hold around 12 ounces of water


  • Customers have been noticing that this Bissel Lift Steam Mop comes with a much better traction to the floor which ensures the steam being dispersed is always extremely close to the ground.
  • It’s a completely natural, unharmful, and effective way to clean your floors – it kills nearly 100% of germs!
  • The scent discs that are built-in to the mop are a unique feature that lets you clean your home and leave it smelling nice afterward.
  • 13 various attachments available to allow steam cleaning in more places other than just your floor.
  • We liked how you can simply remove and replace the mop pads if they become too dirty.
  • The different power settings mean you can choose the best one for each cleaning situation.
  • The EasyScrubber system makes cleaning those tough pieces of dirt a breeze.

Despite how fantastic the good features are, we did find there to be some downsides with this Bissel Lift-Off Steam Mop.


  • Unfortunately, the handle cannot be adjusted
  • The water tank cannot be removed. Therefore, you have to either bring cups of water to the unit or bring the unit to the sink for refilling.
  • The thicker design means that you may encounter difficulty trying to clean under tighter spaces, such as beds and drawers.


There is an enormous range of steam mops available on the market nowadays. Many of them will serve you just fine. However, there are few that can provide you with such a versatile range of options as the Bissel Lift-Off.

Customers have been experiencing a completely revolutionized method of cleaning. The easy-detachable options mean that your entire home can benefit from a thorough steam clean.

This steam mop works well to eliminate as much of the effort required for cleaning as possible.

However, be sure to take into consideration all of the features that we’ve mentioned here. It’s also a good idea to think about the downsides. For many people, the negative points of the Bissel Lift will be easier to overlook.

Hopefully, this review has provided you with some valuable insights into what this steam mop can offer you.

Overall Rating

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