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Can You Use a Steam Mop on a Carpet?

Can You Use a Steam Mop on a Carpet

If you are tired of using a regular mop and bucket set because it’s tiring, inconvenient and not really the most sanitary way to clean your home, then a steam mop will be your most trusted cleaning companion.

The steam mop is quite efficient when it comes to removing dirt, germs and grime from floors that have a hard surface. You also don’t need to use cleaning solutions or detergents with a steam mop, so it’s a safe, eco-conscious and more affordable method of cleaning your home floor.

Carpet Cleaning: Can You Use a Steam Mop on a Carpet

Most steam mop manufacturers say their products can be used on any kind of flooring, but can you use a steam mop on carpet? Let’s find out more about what a steam mop can do for your home.

With a traditional mop and bucket set, you will be required to re-dip the mop in the bucket several times over the course of the cleaning process, so the water will be really dirty by the end.

You can always change the water, but this complicates the process more. You have to exert loads of effort using a mop and bucket, making floor maintenance quite a hassle.

If you have pets and small kids around at home, using a regular mop and bucket can mean they are exposed to a floor that has been cleaned with dirty water, and this is not safe at all. Using a steam mop means you are utilizing a much cleaner means to clean and sanitize your floor.

Steam mops have the ability to heat the water in their tanks up to 130° C. By reaching that temperature, the mop can destroy all traces of germs and bacteria that thrive on the floor. Hence you will be left with a floor that is cleaner than before.

A steam mop can also prevent the development of mildew and mold on the floor. Most homeowners decide to invest in a steam mop since it keeps away dust on a regular basis, thereby ridding your home of allergens.

Steam mops are also easier to use compared to a regular mop since they can be used sitting down. The majority of steam mops come with a handle that allow you to control it even in a seated position. These handles are adjustable and you won’t need to lug a bucket of water around all the time.

The steam mop comes with parts that need to be pulled so the water can be released. Using a traditional mop can be time-consuming as well since you have to swipe the whole floor with the item in order to get a neat floor that is free from streaks.

The steam mop will never leave any streaks and dries fast as well. Stains and spills are cleaned through steam so you won’t need to manage the whole floor.

Another huge advantage of using a steam mop is that homeowners can stop using chemical-based cleaning solutions to clean the floor. Regular detergents sometimes contain bleach and even ethanol which can be harmful not only to your health but to the environment as well.

A steam mop relies on water to function and do its job, not detergents. Because there’s no need to use detergents, you will also save up on cleaning solution expenses.

So can you use a steam mop on carpets? A steam mop is also ideal to use on carpets. While some will say that a carpet cleaner is a better choice for doing a deep clean, a steam mop can deliver its job for daily maintenance. This device is capable of picking up smaller particles like dander, dust and spills. It can also help sanitize the carpet while cleaning it.

A steam mop does more than just collect all the dirt; it makes the carpet germ-free too. The various bacteria, germs and other tiny pests that thrive on it will be easily taken care of. The device is also easier to carry around since it is smaller and lightweight.

You can clean any spot using the device, from stair carpeting to wall-to-wall carpets. Remember to make use of distilled water on carpets.

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