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H20 Mop X5 Elite Review

H20 Mop X5 Elite Review

If you are the person who found ironing to be a simultaneously boring and irritating task, then H20 Mop X5 Elite Review is here for you.

The garment bonnet that is equipped with this 5-in-1 steamer will surely provide a whole new experience while ironing your clothes. Moreover, this green handheld steamer will help you to clean floors, carpets, windows, mirrors and even glasses without putting any scratch or smears.

Furthermore, this floor mop comes with carpet gliders which can even wash out blood spots. The specially designed squeegee head with extensive hose makes this steam mop one of the best time saving and user-friendly steamer in the recent market.

Though it has some limitations, that can be easily omitted if you take a look at the features and their benefits within this reasonable price range. So why wait? Let’s dive into details of this hand-held steamer.

Features of the H20 Mop X5 Elite

  • It has a dimension of 20.8x11x7.1 inches and weighs only 9 pounds.
  • This is a 5-in-1 steamer. It can clean floors, carpets, windows, mirrors, and glass. That is why it’s one of the best garment steamers with an all-around cleaning facility. It is very useful for removing sticky dirt from vinyl or ceramic tiles. Also, it helps to remove oily stains too.
  • This H20 floor mop requires 1300 watts of power to run. The microfiber attached to the mop lifts the loose dirt that holds the mess in, rather than just pushing it around.
  • This is a handheld steamer. That means you don’t need to bend over to use this. It helps to get rid of back pain injuries and other injuries. You can transform this steamer into totally handheld steam mop only by pressing two simple buttons.
  • This is great for garment cleaning purposes. That is why it’s equipped with a jet nozzle and nylon brush. This jet nozzle and nylon brush will help you to perform cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.
  • It can be the best alternative for ironing your clothes. A garment bonnet is included with this steamer. It’s not only a great time saver but the chemical free steam means that all the wrinkles in your fabrics can be gone within seconds.
  • For windows, mirrors or even glass cleaning, you will find an additional long extension hose attached to it. This specially designed squeegeed head help to clean window easily and quickly. Moreover, for glass and mirror cleaning, it won’t leave any annoying scratches or even streaks and smears.
  • With this H20 Mop X5 Elite, you will find a carpet glider which helps to clean and refresh your carpet perfectly. This carpet glider helps to refresh spots. Moreover, it helps to deodorize rugs from your carpet. It easily removes stains from your carpet.
  • After you use this steam mop, it won’t leave your floors feeling or looking oily and sticky.
  • It comes with an adjustable steam setting that enables to set the precise steam power according to your needs. It may vary from cleaning window, mirror, and glass to steaming fabrics.
  • This green steamer stands upright and has a single tank. It has high steam rate but leaves only a little water behind.
  • It requires 110-120V with 1300 watts voltage to run this highly powered steamer. With this voltage power, it can continuously provide you with steaming benefits for up to 14 minutes.


  • Compact size allows the steamer to be stored easily.
  • Lightweight design offers superb carrying abilities.
  • Versatile and easy to use.
  • Offers a wide range of steaming facility including- floors, carpets, fabrics, window, mirror, glass.
  • Stands upright by itself.
  • The steam rate is high.
  • Super dirt or grime lifting capable microfiber.
  • Carper glider that comes along with this steamer helps to refresh carpets and deodorize rugs.
  • Easily removes all kinds of stains from carpets.
  • No need to bend while using this steamer- perfect hand-held steamer with an easy two-button operation.
  • Equipped with Jet Nozzle along with Nylon Brush.
  • Adjust your steam setting according to the type of work.
  • Attached with an extensive hose with squeegee head for cleaning windows, glass, and mirrors.
  • The specially designed squeegee prevents scratches or streaks on the glass.
  • Great alternative to ironing.
  • Time-saving easy operational facility.
  • Works great on wooden floors.


  • Because of the single water tank, it offers a limited runtime of under 15 minutes. But if you refill frequently, it won’t be a problem.
  • Though it comes with a handheld feature, the long plastic handle might not feel as strong as we’d expect.
  • You might find it difficult to use this steam mop on tile grout.


After all, if you take a close look at this H20 Mop X5 Elite Review, there might be some drawbacks. But within a reasonable price, there are some amazing features which are bound to serve your daily life purposes. The most disappointing part may be the flimsy handle and shorter runtime.

Needless to mention, there are easy solutions too. You won’t be using the steamer for professional tasks. So, whenever you want to use it, just refill the water tank.

This allows you to continuously steam for another 14 minutes. Another disappointment is- the flimsy handle. Well, while cleaning glasses and windows you can press the button and extend the handle. Otherwise, you can use it compactly to use for a longer period.

Moreover, it can be a great alternative to ironing your clothes. The garment bonnet that is included with the steamer not only saves time but also release wrinkles from your fabric.

Do you often feel lazy about ironing your clothes or cleaning your home?

If so, the H20 Mop X5 Elite is a fantastic option that makes cleaning quick and easy.

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