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How Do Steam Mops Work: An Essential Read

How Do Steam Mops Work

Maintaining a squeaky-clean floor can be incredibly exhausting. This is especially true if you’re a little bit obsessive compulsive and your pet peeve is seeing even a hint of dirt on the floor. Thanks to inventions like the steam mop, you can now do this household chore without breaking a sweat.

But have you ever wondered how steam mops work?

First things first – how did the steam mop come into existence? Necessity isn’t the only thing that drives people to invent new things. In today’s market, the competition now relies on dishing out products and innovations that are convenient. Korean national Romi Haan is a good example of this.

In the late 90’s was when Romi Haan first had the idea of using steam as a way to clean the floor. She knew how hard it is to keep the floor clean through the traditional ways of scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees.

To ultimately ease the burden of this task she hired people to work with her on an invention that would later save lots of time, energy and money. After four years of trying to come up with the perfect way to clean her floors, she was finally able to create what she wanted.

Her breakthrough came in 2004 when South Korea’s largest online retailer, GS Home Shopping, noticed her steam mop. Before she knew it, her product was taking the market by storm.

How Do Steam Mops Work?

Steam mops are effective and efficient cleaners. They can run through flat surfaces such as tile and hardwood floors, and make them as clean and shiny as they were when they were brand new. But how do they work?

Compared to regular mops, steam mops do not require detergent and bleach. This product has a small water tank attached to it, and the water is heated to about 120 degrees Celsius or 248 degrees Fahrenheit.

The steam mop has at least one jet of dry steam that dampens a microfiber pad located to the mop head. The pad is responsible for removing the dirt from your floor.

Other steam mops feature two-sided heads. The product works under the same principle. The only difference is that it offers two ways of cleaning. If you are cleaning a hardwood floor, you may use the softer pad.

If it you need a more serious approach to mopping, meaning there are some tough stains, you will simply need to use the other side of the mop head.

Steam mops vs. Regular mops

With a regular mop, dirt tends to move around. No matter how hard or often you mop the floor, there is a residue left. All these worries are wiped away by the ingenious invention of the steam mop.

Another great advantage of this product is that it can kill more germs and bacteria (even dust mites), thanks to the intense hot temperature it generates.

Using and storing your steam mop

A steam mop works best if you’ve swept or vacuumed your floors first. After doing so, make sure that you’ve put the mop pad on first before the steaming process. Fill the tank with water to the indicated level.

Another indicator will let you know when the water has been heated. Once it has heated, you can start cleaning similar to the way you would use a regular mop.

Storing this household item is pretty easy as it does not take up too much space. Make sure to store it with an empty water tank. Also, remove the used mop pads to avoid damaging your cleaning buddy. It is important to change pads regularly to get consistent results from your steam mop.

As a precautionary measure, make sure that the mop has cooled down before replacing the pads.


Steam mops are game-changing cleaning companions. They can save you from using all your energy just to keep your house’s flooring as neat as it can be. Plus, it shortens the time you allocate in doing the chores which means that you can enjoy other things like reading a book or baking your partner’s favorite cookies.

And now that you know how steam mops work, you’ll have a better understanding of why you should get one. You don’t want to cut off an essential member of your reliable cleaning squad!

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