How Does A Steam Mop Clean?

How Does a Steam Mop Clean?


Steam mops, or steam cleaning in general, is getting quite a following in recent years because of its capability to clean messes without having to use chemicals, and its efficiency to work on various surfaces. However, while many are aware of these benefits, they are uncertain as to how well it can clean, and exactly how it does it.

Mop Upgrade: How Does a Steam Mop Clean?

Steam mops work similar to how steam cleaners work. They utilize the water within their tanks and heat it up to 248-degrees Fahrenheit or more to produce steam. The steam produced then moistens the pad attached to the mop head, and it picks up the dirt and stains easily.

The temperature of the mop pad and the extra steam that comes out of it then goes onto the surface, killing viruses and other bacteria in the process. The steam also loosens up stronger stains, making it easier for the mop pad to pick them up, as you pass on the affected area.

Since steam mops come in various shapes and sizes, you may find yourself uncertain as to how it would clean more efficiently than traditional mops. To help you get started, and boost the way your steam mop cleans, here are some tips you can try out and remember:

Vacuum your floor first

Before you get your steam mop all assembled and ready for cleaning, it is important you vacuum or sweep the floor first. By doing this, you would be able to remove excess dirt and debris, which may affect the cleaning quality of the mop head, since this dirt and debris can easily dirty mop heads. When it is clean, you can steam mop the floor.

There are some steam mops in the market that come with a dual vacuum or sweeper function. When you do pick one of these, you can use the vacuum or sweeper function to clean up the excess dirt or debris, before you can activate the steam mop.

Maintain your floors clean

When you use a steam mop, it is important that you only use it when it is slightly dirty because if it is greatly soiled, you will only cause the dirt to spread around the floor. To this end, either vacuum it first or clean it in the normal way, and then use the steam mop to clean it more thoroughly. With this technique, you would be able to keep your floors protected and well-maintained in the long run.

Always keep extra mop pads

When using steam mops, it is important you have more than one mop pad to help you clean various types of surfaces. While you can rewash these pads, it is still best to replace them regularly, to ensure your steam mop can clean efficiently. You must also avoid leaving them on your steam mop after each use, because it may damage your mop head.

Do not use steam mops on unsealed floors

Some surfaces cannot handle the temperatures of steam mops, which is why it is important you read the manual, to learn where you can actually use your steam mop for cleaning. You must also make sure you unplug your steam mop when not in use because it can create heat spots and damage your floor or carpet. Since the pads are moist, due to the steam the mop produces, it can create problems for your flooring, if the pad is left idle on the area.

Do not add anything else to the water tank

Steam mops only use water for cleaning messes. Unless the mop’s user manual tells you that you can use detergents or special types of water on the mop, do not put anything else with the water you will be using. You must also read the instructions carefully as to what type of water is suitable for your steam mop.

Always replace dirty mop heads when cleaning

If your mop head is already dirty, do not keep cleaning the floor, because you would only return the dirt back on the floor by accident. It is ideal to change it when it is dirty, to make sure your surface remains clean as you mop along. Immediately clean the dirty mop pad after every use, and dry it before using it again.

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