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How Good is a Steam Mop?

How Good is a Steam Mop

Steam mops are now becoming a popular cleaning item for many families and cleaning experts because it can clean surfaces and sanitize them at the same time. It is also faster to use than regular mops and while it can be expensive, it is an investment to have at home, since you do not need to scrub your floors hard, and it can be used on other surfaces aside from your flooring.

How Good is a Steam Mop Compared to the Traditional Ones

Let’s take a closer look at the aspects that make steam mops good for buyers considering to buy one for their home:

It is versatile

Steam mops, in general, can be used for hard floor surfaces. However, there are steam mops today which can be used for materials such as hardwood, laminate, tiles, and linoleum. These surfaces do not work well with traditional mops, and you would be required to use steamers or other alternatives to clean them.

If you are ok to spend some money on your steam mops, there are steam mops that have extra features that a regular mop and bucket cannot compensate for. One of these features is cleaning up some types of spills, without having to mop them or use a vacuum cleaner.

Steam mops also come with extra attachments for stain removal; however, it is not for all types of surfaces. Grout can also be removed with the help of special steam mop attachments. Aside from this, some steam mops come with additional attachments that can help it clean carpet and upholstery easily.

Steam mops also have various sizes of mop heads, which help clean hard-to-reach corners.

It dries faster

When you use a traditional mop and bucket to clean up, you would need to wait for the floor to dry before you can use the floor again. If you have children and pets at home, using such a method is ill-advised, because they may not notice the wet floor immediately.

However, with a steam mop, drying time is greatly reduced, except when there is a very tough stain on your floor. In these instances, you would need to hold the mop head on the affected area for longer, and once you take it out, some of the steam would have turned into water.

It is easier to use

Traditional mops are time constraining and also physically demanding, because you have to carry heavy bucket loads of water everywhere, wring the mop head before you start cleaning, and you have to repeat the process multiple times to ensure no extra residue is left on the surface.

With steam mops, you simply have to fill the tank with water, turn it on to let the machine steam the water, then press a button to clean. They are also quite lightweight to carry, so even children can use them. You would also no longer need to put pressure on the mop to clean surfaces, as the steam mop would just glide along the surface.

It is easier to maintain

Steam mops are actually quite easy to maintain to keep them working efficiently, each and every time you use one. When you purchase one, read the manual and follow all the steps on how to maintain every part of the steam mop.

Unlike traditional mops, where you have to change the mop head if it misses strands or no longer cleans efficiently, you would only need to clean the steam mop pads each time you use them and replace them when it is already a few months old.

It is also easier to store and safer

When you want to rest up for a bit during your mopping, you have to find a suitable place to leave your traditional mop, because some traditional mops do not come with their own holding mat. As a result, the bucket where you placed your mop can create surface damage due to the moisture it has.

In steam mops, some brands include “holding” mats, so you can let the steam mop cool down and protect your surfaces at the same time.

Some steam mops even come with automatic shutdown functions, to ensure it does not remain hot while idle. They even turn off when the mop is idle for a long period of time. Steam mops are also less bulky than old mops, with some steam mops having foldable handles and other similar features.

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