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How to Clean a Steam Mop

How to Clean a Steam Mop

Having a steam mop around has its advantages. It’s much easier to handle than a traditional mop where you have to move a heavy bucket of water around, and it’s also quicker to use.

One of the biggest advantages of steam mops is that they are free from chemicals. You don’t need to use lots of chemicals to clean your floor.

If you already have one on hand, congratulations! Cleaning your floor will be much easier.  In this article, we are going to discuss how to clean a steam mop.

There aren’t a lot of steps involved in maintaining and cleaning a steam mop. Your steam mop will probably have detailed instructions on cleaning the item. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Here are some of the basics you need to keep in mind when cleaning your dirty steam mop.

Mind the Cleaning Pads

Steam mops often have removable cleaning pads. Before cleaning or putting on the pads, make sure that the device has cooled down completely. As soon as the steam mop has cooled down, remove the pads and put them in the washing machine.

Cleaning pads are often machine-washable and you can clean them on a normal cycle using ordinary detergent. If the pads are not too dirty you can simply rinse them in the sink.

Another thing you need to remember is that the cleaning pad must be completely dry before you put it back on the mop’s head. If the pad is still wet, the damp will cause mildew to form which can damage the pad and give it a rather unpleasant smell. As you use the steam mop, this smell can then spread to other surfaces, especially absorbent ones.

Tackling the Reservoir

The next step in cleaning a steam mop is taking care of the reservoir. Most steam mop tanks are made from plastic and can be easily removed. Make sure the unit is completely drained and then dry it again using a clean cloth, both inside and outside the tank.

Drying the Steam Mop

It is always recommended that users give the steam mop’s surface a thorough, complete wipe so there won’t be any trace of moisture on it. As soon as the cleaning pads and the reservoir are totally dry, put them back on the steam mop.

Steam mops are easy to store after cleaning. They are easier to maintain than traditional mop and bucket sets, so it makes sense to switch.

Users can also leave the solution in the tank for a number of days and use it again for the next cleanup. Steam mops will allow you to save not just money but space as well. You won’t need any of those chemical-based cleaners, which will make your home a safer and more wholesome environment for your pets and children.

Steam mops are also easier to manage compared to the standard mop and bucket setup. This device often comes with an adjustable handle so you can mop the floor even when you are sitting down.

The majority of steam mops are not built to operate with detergent products. Thus if you are using one, make sure to not to use any detergent in it. You shouldn’t try to use things like bleach on the cleaning pads since the bleach can damage its fibers, rendering them weak in the long run.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to do too much to maintain a steam mop. Make sure to use the tips above and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and your steam mop will continue to work well for a long time.

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