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How to Use A Steam Mop

How to Use A Steam Mop

Traditional mops can clean well, but they do have their disadvantages: their absorption rate is inadequate, they reduce in size after a wash and often depreciate fast. Hence you need to replace a worn down mop frequently and this can add up.

The steam mop is different to a regular mop and often operates faster, is more efficient and doesn’t require so much maintenance. A steam mop is capable of cleaning floors, walls and ceilings, removing dirt, grease, grime and mold. You don’t even need to use detergent or chemical-based cleaners.

You don’t need to reuse dirty water with a steam mop so it’s cleaner than a regular mop. Just one swipe of this device and the surface will be cleaned and sanitized properly. Do you want to know how to use a steam mop? Here are the steps you need to follow.

User’s Guide: How to Use A Steam Mop

Steam mops clean floors of dirt and grime by using hot steam circulation. The device comes with microfiber cleaning pads which pick up the dirt as you swipe the floor with the device. It can effectively loosen and get rid of dirt while disinfecting the surface at the same time.

The steam’s temperature destroys nearly 99 percent of germs without even using chemicals. The pads are totally removable and can be machine-washed after a few uses.

Prepare the floor first

You will get better results from using a steam mop if you vacuum the floor first. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can sweep it instead.

However, a vacuum cleaner will do more than just getting rid of dirt—it can also pick up dust, lint and other types of debris from the cracks in the floor. This dirt and debris could easily clog the head of the mop so it is better if you take care of the floor first by vacuuming it.

There are also models that feature both a steam mop and a sweeper. These models are convenient and operate well, and you won’t need to use a vacuum cleaner with this type of model.

Fill the reservoir

Steam mops include a reservoir or water tank in order to contain the water which then gets transformed into steam. First, you need to unplug the device so you can fill it with water. Make sure you fill the tank while it’s set on a flat surface.

Remove the cap of the reservoir by rotating it in a counter-clockwise manner. Put water into the mop’s filling flask and transfer its contents to the reservoir. Fill the tank until it comes to the required filling line. To avoid mineral deposit buildup and calcification, use distilled water in the mop.

Make the steam

Plug the device in and switch it on. Let it prepare the steam for 30 seconds. Prep up its pump by thrusting its handle up and down around 12-15 times. As soon as the steam begins to appear, you can start cleaning the floor. The mop’s back and forth motions will allow the device to generate more steam.

Wiping the floor with the mop

The device will loosen dirt, grime and other kinds of debris on the floor in a fast manner compared to a standard mop. Wipe the floors down in the usual back and forth action. If the floor displays streaking, you should change the cleaning pads.

When you encounter dried-up stains, pump the handle so the device will emit a bigger quantity of steam. Wipe the floor back and forth in order to remove the stains. Take the pads off when you’re done cleaning, and wash and dry all of the pads you used during the procedure.

To avoid spreading dirt all over while mopping, it is a good idea to get a few additional cleaning pads so you can replace the ones that get dirty. Cleaning pads for the device are affordable and usually easy to clean.

Cleaning pads should be hung dry completely before being placed back on the unit. Before cleaning the pads, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance.

Points to remember

Do not use detergents or soaps in the device. In addition, water softeners should not be used in the unit. These reduce the water’s magnesium and calcium content and replace it with sodium.

The increased presence of sodium in the water can harm and reduce the lifespan of the steam mop. Another thing to remember is to cool the unit down completely before doing any maintenance to it. Now you know how to use a steam mop.

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