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INLIFE 360-degree Steam Mop Review

INLIFE 360-degree Steam Mop Review

In today’s floor care market, many brands have ventured out to offer their own lines of steam mops. Many come with different features all designed for your convenience.

INLIFE is still a relatively new name when it comes to this industry. Its 360-degree steam mop, however, showcases its ability to compete with its rivals.

In this feature, we’ve listed some of the pros and cons that might help you when deciding whether you’ll go for INLIFE 360-degree Steam Mop or you’ll look at other brands.

Features of the INLIFE 360-degree Steam Mop

The INLIFE 360-degree steam mop is not just your ordinary mop. It can also be used to sterilize floors and carpets. But apart from this, it is loaded with many other more features that could entice you.

  • Safety and eco-friendliness are some of the top priorities of this product. It is both germ-free and chemical-free and its powerful steamer gives off steam that is environmentally safe.
  • Compared to its rivals, this cleaning mop also takes minimal time to heat. You will only need 15 to 20 seconds before you can use it to deep-clean and sanitize.
  • It has a three-steam setting. If you only want to remove dust, set it to low. If you want to mop set the three-steam setting to medium. If you want to scrub the floor, set it on high. The same characteristic also allows this mop to clean the toughest mess and dried-on spots. It can even absorb loose hair from the floor or the carpet.
  • Its 360-degree swivel mop head is very convenient as it can help you get into corners, under cabinets, and narrow spaces in between large pieces of furniture.
  • This mop also comes with a twistable cord clip that makes managing your power cord easier and with less hassle.
  • The length of the hand of this mop is also adjustable, so you can choose how high or how low will the mop be when using it.
  • This cleaning mop automatically goes to standby after 15 seconds, shuts down after 30 seconds, and powers off if it remains in its position for over 120 seconds.
  • A distilled or demineralized water is best suited for this kind of cleaning mop. This product from INLIFE comes with the following attachments: one close-looped handle fixed pole, one ball joint mop head, one refill cup, one carpet glide, a 450 ml tank and three cleaning pads.


The INLIFE 360-degree steam mop works efficiently.

  • Its lightweight build (it is only 3.3 kilograms) makes it easy to use. It also has an added shoulder strap for convenience.
  • Its auto standby, shut-down, and power-off features ensure your family and your home’s safety.
  • Its microfiber pads are reusable. You won’t have to buy them separately over and over again because you still have three more extra effective mop pads. These extra pads have different textures– one is designed to clean carpets, one for some snappy wiping, and another one for scrubbing stains.
  • This fantastic item can also be used to directly clean carpets and eliminate unpleasant odors. If you have pets at home, this is the mop that you might just need to buy.
  • You can buy it with utmost confidence because of its one-year warranty.
  • Its 360-degree feature gives you a unique kind of flexibility not found in any other steam mop. This mop will help you clean around furniture, under beds, and along cabinet toe kicks.


  • The water tank of this INLIFE item is not detachable. Some even consider it too small to hold the amount of water they need.
  • The power cord of this steam mop is also relatively shorter. This could be an issue if you’re not the type of cleaner who can easily transport it from one power source to another.
  • For many, its auto standby and auto shut-off features can be annoying. You have to turn it back on if you’ve unintentionally left it stationary.


In general, the INLIFE 360-degree steam mop is the perfect steam floor cleaner for you if you are in need of a lightweight, compact and efficient steam mop.

You can also customize your steam output depending on the floor-related chores that you want to do whether it is simply dusting off some dirt, full-on mopping, or intense scrubbing.

This mop is equipped with special cleaning pads and a carpet glider that lets you clean areas beyond typical hard surfaces.

Germ-free and chemical-free, this also saves you a lot of money because you don’t have to purchase sanitizing products.

However, if you find it burdensome to specifically use distilled or demineralized water (meaning, tap water is more accessible to you), you might consider looking into other steam mops that are tap water-friendly.

All in all, the INLIFE 360-degree steam mop can be considered a great buy.

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