Shark Blast and Scrub Steam Pocket Mop Review


Are you sick of struggling to clean your floors every day?

It can be a disheartening feeling to know that once you’ve put in all that time and effort into cleaning the floors, that it will be dirty again by the next day.

You need something that makes cleaning your floors quicker and easier – and that’s where the Shark Blast & Scrub Steam Pocket Mop comes into play.

Shark is a reliable brand when it comes to cleaning items, and this S4601 model is no different. It comes equipped with various attachments and functions that household cleaners are loving. It makes maintaining clean floors a joy, rather than a hassle.

To learn more about the Shark Blast & Scrub Steam Pocket Mop, take a look below.

Features of the Shark Blast & Scrub Steam Pocket Mop

Shark’s Blast & Scrub Pocket Steam Mop has been manufactured to make cleaning easier. You’re able to use different settings to suit your cleaning job the best. As a result, you have more control over how you sanitize your floors.

  • There are a total of three different power settings to choose from that provide you with plenty of cleaning options for different situations.
  • The Lo setting is best for general dusting on laminate and hardwood floors.
  • Medium is the ideal option for your daily mopping when it comes to marble, hardwood, and tile flooring.
  • The Hi setting is the one that people use for those tougher and larger scale cleaning jobs. This is also best for marble, hardwood, and tiled floors.
  • You can expect this mop to elicit extremely high-pressures of concentrated steam. Therefore, you can be sure that it will serve you well for getting rid of those tricky stains.
  • There’s a Head Release button that causes the head of the mop to release. As a result, you can expose the dirt or stain to highly pressurized steam that works effectively to clean it.
  • The maximum amount of water that you can fill the tank up with is 550 ml. This provides you with plenty of water to properly clean floors with some left to spare.
  • This mop comes with a total of four pads that you can use. They include an extra-large rectangle pocket pad.
  • A triangular washable scrub pocket pad.
  • A stain blast and scrub pad for getting rid of those stubborn stains.
  • One washable rectangular scrub pocket pad.
  • Some of the other accessories you receive are an extra-large mop head, a triangle & rectangle mop head, a stain scrubber, and a flask to fill liquids with.
  • The weight of this mop is 7 lbs and it’s 12.2 x 8.3 x 46.9” in size.
  • The power cord is 25 feet.
  • The cleaning pads come with a reversible feature which lets you clean surfaces and gets rid of germs more effectively. These pads can be easily removed, washed, and reused, so you don’t have to worry about the running cost of constantly purchasing more pads.


  • We liked how you can select from three different power settings. Each one provides a better clean depending on the surface type and the kind of dirt that needs cleaning.
  • This steam mop provides incredibly powerful pressurized steam which works effectively to blast through tough stains and hard bits of dirt.
  • Customers are liking how this steam mop is very efficient to use which gives you a peace of mind for those longer cleaning jobs.
  • You are able to use a total of four different cleaning pads that enable you to use the correct pads for the different cleaning situations.
  • The water tank is large enough to ensure you can clean your floors without running out of the water.
  • There is a variety of accessories that you can also use to ensure you have the right tools for all cleaning situations.
  • With a lightweight and fairly compact design, you can be sure to experience no hassle while cleaning around the house with this steam mop.
  • The reversible mop feature allows you to carry on cleaning without continuously using the same dirty mop. It can also be easily removed and washed for your convenience.


  • Some customers find the heat of this steam mop doesn’t last very long.
  • The power cord can be difficult to store away easily.


All in all, we found this steam mop by Shark to be incredibly easy to use. The dimensions and lightweight design mean that you can easily use it around the house. We quickly realized that this one is all about making your cleaning jobs as easy as possible.

It’s simple to operate and comes with reversible pads that allow you to carry on cleaning. The fact that you can just remove and wash these pads before using them again is awesome too. In addition to those benefits, the power cord is very long. This simple feature makes it effortless to clean different rooms without having to constantly unplug and plug it back in.

Although, the length of the power cord also means that it can be a little tricky to store away.

Overall, however, customers have been loving how much this mop improves their lives. It means that you can spend less time cleaning, and more time doing the fun stuff. Be sure to take all of the features, pros, and even the cons into consideration before committing to a purchase. Hopefully, the detailed review we’ve provided for you above makes your buying process a lot easier.

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