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Shark Professional Steam Mop Review

Shark Professional Steam Mop Review

There was a time when homeowners used to clean their floors using a regular mop and bucket. However, this can be a tiring and inconvenient task. It’s also prone to streaking and it’s not totally sanitary wither since the mop requires being re-dipped, leading to a bucket full of dirty water.

You won’t have to deal with those issues anymore since a steam mop can do the job without requiring detergents, a lot of effort or even a bucket. Steam mops are readily available in brick and mortar stores as well as online. If you are on the lookout for one, check out this review of the Shark Professional Steam Dust and Scrub Pocket Mop.

Features of the Shark Professional Steam Mop

  • Works on all types of hard flooring
  • Intelligent Steam Control for thorough, sanitized cleaning
  • 3 variable steam settings for customized cleaning without the chemicals
  • 2 washable microfiber cleaning pads, 2 replacements pads and a steam head attachment
  • Swivel mop head with 180-degree maneuverability
  • Large water reservoir capacity
  • Cleaning path of 12 inches
  • 25 ft. cord length
  • 1550 watts of power


This steam mop from Shark looks a lot like an earlier model from the company. It is a more compact version though and it comes with a smaller mid-section. Despite its small size, you shouldn’t underestimate it because it has sufficient cleaning power.

It has an overall length of 51.2 inches and comes with a 12-inch wide mop head. The device also includes a long reservoir or tank that can hold 15 oz. of water and makes use of a two-sided cleaning pad.

While it has the same features as its predecessor, the items differ in terms of quality. The cleaning pads on this model are higher quality and have a more durable feel compared to the older model.

It comes with cleaning components that let the pads wipe the floor in a more efficient way. The pads are not that complicated to fasten on the mop head compared to the ones on the previous model. The pads can be utilized on one side then shifted so users can utilize the other side.

Another feature that makes the item different from the previous model is that it does not require any pumping to use it. The steam is always on in this model so it means you have to unplug it to stop it producing steam.

Some might view this as an annoyance but this kind of setup does have its advantages. You won’t need to put in so much effort in acquiring sufficient amounts of steam and you won’t have to hold the trigger down all the time. This is one of this model’s advantages which we have come to appreciate.

The product also includes 2 quick-release mop heads. There’s a regular mop head with a rectangular shape that can suit the whole floor and another with a triangular shape that will no doubt suit the corners of a room. This vastly enhances the functionality of the product.

The product also comes with 3 steam levels. One is the Dust setting which lets you use the device like a broomstick. The Dust mode releases minimal steam so the floor will dry faster. Another is the Mop setting. This option is more powerful so you can remove more dirt. Lastly, the Scrub setting allows for a more intense release of steam, which is capable of dealing with deep-seated stains.

The device works wonderfully on linoleum, ceramic and sealed hardwood floors. The mop head turns around effortlessly under cabinets and the steam has enough heat. It comes with a generously sized water tank and works quietly as well so it’s great for evening or early morning cleaning.

This steam cleaner is light so you can carry it around easily and it is easy to set up. The pads can be reversed and it has enough steam settings so you can tackle any kind of job. Due to the inclusion of 2 mop heads, you can mop not only the floor but spots on the corners too.


As mentioned earlier, the steam on this steam cleaner is always on so some might find this an annoyance. If you want to shut off the steam, you have to turn the whole device off. It can dull the floor or produce streaking as well since the pads do not get wet enough. It also does not hold up well when it comes to grout.


The Shark Professional Steam Mop works quite well overall. It is a bit expensive compared to other products, but it offers solid performance. If you want a steam mop that offers a constant stream of steam, you should try this product.

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