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Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System Review

Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System Review

A clean, wholesome home is a joy to live in. That is why we need to organize it and perform routine maintenance and cleaning in all parts of the house. One part of the house that gets dirty quickly is the floor. Floors need special care so it is recommended that you invest in quality cleaning tools that can keep your floors hygienic and good as new.

One way to clean your home well is by using a steam mop rather than a regular mop and bucket set. Steam mops are practical, convenient and will make cleaning a breeze. One example of a good steam mop is the Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System.

Features of the Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System

  • Includes 3 levels of steam control working in conjunction with Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration feature
  • Micro-Pulse technology which disintegrates grime and dirt with over 90 vibrations each second
  • LED headlight for lighting cleaning paths
  • Accessible illuminated control panel
  • Large 6 x 13-inch cleaning surface
  • Includes effective reusable/washable microfiber pad
  • Can be positioned upright
  • Comes with power shut-off to save energy
  • Package comes with a carpet glider kit, 1 custom filling cup, a 12-item accessory kit, 2 cleaning pads and storage bag


Owning a steam mop like this Sienna Luna Plus model will do your home lots of good. Steam mops spruce up your floor using steam, which loosens dirt, grime and grease from the surface so it can be siphoned off and thrown away. It also won’t leave the floor sodden unlike a regular mop.

Furthermore, using this device makes the whole chore of cleaning the floor a breeze for all users. You don’t need to get down on your knees to wipe the floors down or carry a bucket around because a steam mop is designed in a way that you can use it standing up or even sitting down.

Regular mops often require you to use them with cleaning solutions or detergents and this combination more often than not leaves a cloud of residue on the floor’s surface.

The steam mop only needs water to work hence streamlining the procedure and in turn, making it safer and friendlier to the environment since you won’t have to deal with chemical-based cleaning products.

Another disadvantage of using regular mops is that they require being re-dipped in the bucket of water constantly while cleaning.

In time, the water gets filthy and this means you can leave dirty streaks on the floor as you continue mopping. This is very unsanitary, but with a steam mop you won’t have to use a bucket of water and can instead rely on high-pressure steam to perform the job very well. This leads to floors that are not only cleaner but also more sanitized.

This Sienna Luna model comes with the advanced Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration feature, LED lights and 3 steam levels. The MicroPulse feature can loosen stubborn grime and dirt as the device passes over surfaces and gives a distinctive wiping and scrubbing motion that will cut down cleaning time and reduce effort on your part.

It comes with a shoulder strap as well which makes the unit easier to carry around while the included accessories let users clean other parts of the house such as windows, bathrooms, countertops, various fixtures and even grills. It has a bigger cleaning area and also includes a lengthy 25 ft. cord so you can reach any part of the room without hassle.

This product does very well when it comes to removing tough, dried-on stains and debris. All you need are a few passes over the stains and these spots will be removed with less effort on your part.

The device has an average operating time though compared with similar models. You can use it for more than 20 minutes without interruptions. The tank also has an average size so if you are tackling a bigger room, you might need to refill the tank.

The product does well in terms of maneuverability and it comes with a really broad cleaning path so it can quickly cover lots of ground. It works fast so it can reduce your cleaning time. It is excellent for multitasking since it comes with a host of other accessories which can help clean different parts of the house.

It is a nice device to have when you are doing spring cleaning or general cleaning. The adjustable steam levels let you adjust the steam setting depending on the kind of task you are doing.


The mop head it comes with is on the taller side so reaching under low ridges or sills can be a challenge. It cannot turn completely sideways as well which can be an annoyance.


The Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System is a decent product and the whole package is versatile. Because of the inclusion of additional accessories, users can tackle not only floors but also other parts of the house such as windows and bathrooms. This is a great product for homeowners who love to multitask.

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