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Steam Mops vs. Traditional Mops

Steam Mops vs. Traditional Mops

Like most cleaning apparatuses available in the market, mops also come in various shapes, types and sizes, depending on where you plan to use it and how much cleaning power it has on its small body. Each type, size or shape has its pros and cons, and people tend to have preferences as to which one is the best for them and their needs.

Steam Mops vs. Traditional Mops: Which Will You Choose?

With regards to mops, the debate between traditional mops and steam mops, and which one of them is the best, remains the most popular topic of them all. Some say traditional mops are still good for cleaning surfaces and there are those that say using them is an exercise in itself. Others would argue that steam mops are better, considering its capacity of cleaning hard-to-clean messes and sterilizing the spot efficiently.

Both methods – regardless of how it is used – can clean as they advertise, and every person has their respective preferences when it comes to which mop suits their need. However, what is the difference between these two types of mops, and what are their respective advantages and disadvantages?

Traditional mops are quite simple, as it only involves a mop, a bucket filled with hot water and detergent or any cleaning agent. One simply has to dip the mop in a bucket, which contains hot water and their preferred cleaning agent or detergent, wring out the excess water from the mop head, and then slowly mop the area that needs to be cleaned.

Many still prefer using this method because it can leave a fresher scent, and the amount of work needed to mop is enough to equate a gym session filled with high-intensity workouts.

What makes traditional mops distinct with one another is the type of material used to pick up water and the dirt. The most popular type of traditional mops are the cut-end mops. However, they tend to get frayed and can be expensive in the long run. Looped yarn mops are similar to cut-end mops, in terms of how they look.

However, they are long-lasting and can clean floors more efficiently. Aside from these two, sponge mops are available for those who do not wish to wring out the mop head for water, as you only need to pull a lever to get it to wring itself. It is also faster to get a dry floor with this mop, in comparison to other types of mops. There are also spray mops and microfiber mops, which are used for better cleaning power.

Unfortunately, it is quite time-consuming to do this method, because eventually, the mop head would need to be dipped into the bucket to get more water for cleaning, and wringing it also takes time. If the water turns dark halfway through your cleaning, you have to stop to get a new set.

Aside from this grueling process, you would also need to wait for the mopped area to dry before you can walk on it. Furthermore, it is unable to clean surfaces thoroughly, to the point it does not kill germs and bacteria efficiently. It also leaves a residue behind, which can be dangerous for children and pets once they are exposed to it.

Meanwhile, steam mops use steam to clean and sanitize any surface with ease. You do not need to use detergent and other cleaners with steam mops because you would only need to use distilled water to charge it up.

Cleaning with steam mops is also faster because you do not have to keep stopping to wring out the excess water in intervals and you can clean a room with just one tank. You also do not need to put pressure on the mop head for it to clean, because you simply have to put it on the area and let the steam do the work, before mopping it clean.

It is also capable of cleaning surfaces thoroughly, regardless of their type and how old the mess is on the surface. Since it does not leave any residue behind, it is safe for households with kids or pets.

Unfortunately, steam mops can be quite pricey depending on your preferences and the features you are looking for in a steam mop. Some models come with various extras that would allow users to use it for other surfaces, while others can only produce a certain amount of steam.

Considering their pros and cons, picking from each one of them can be difficult. However, having both in stock can help you clean more efficiently when the situation calls for them to be used.

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