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Your Ultimate Guide on How to Choose a Steam Mop

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Choose a Steam Mop

Does cleaning the floor take up too much of your time and energy? You might want to trade your regular old mop in for a steam mop!

The steam mop, an innovative product that took the market by storm in 2004, has become a tried-and-tested cleaning buddy. Efficient and effective, it cleans off dust and even kills mites and fleas. It is also easy to store and does not take much space.

How to Choose a Steam Mop?

The principle of a steam mop is pretty simple. It has a tank that is filled with water that is then heated up to 120 degrees Celsius or 248 degrees Fahrenheit. The steam moistens the attached pad, and the mop picks up the dirt without leaving any residue on the floor.

However, steam mops tend to be more expensive than the regular mop. So, if you’re considering buying one, you should know which one is best suited for you and your type of flooring. This article will serve as your ultimate guide on how to choose a steam mop.

Know your flooring type

Steam mops are known for their versatility. They are practically able to clean all sorts of hard surfaces whether they are laminated, vinyl, or tile. However, there are some special cases.

If you have hardwood floors, you should look for a steam mop with an adjustable steam setting. This will help ensure that the heat and moisture are at their right levels so as not to damage your expensive wood floors.

If you are planning to steam-mop your carpet, don’t forget to purchase a carpet attachment. This attachment will raise your mop head enough to safely clean your carpets without heat damage.

Consider the measurements of the parts of your steam mop

  • The water tank. The larger the floor area, the larger the steam mop’s water tank should be. If you have a huge house (or multiple stories), you don’t want to get a mop with a small tank. You will have to refill it and reheat it over and over. Besides being tedious, it will also eat up electricity.
  • The mop head and pad surface. If your floor area is large, it is illogical to get a steam mop with a small mop head and pad surface as it will make the cleaning time way longer. However, you should also be cautious about buying something that is too large, and it might get in the way of cleaning dust out of the corners.

The cord. Consider buying a steam mop with a relatively long cord. Especially if you live in a large house or have limited outlets.

Take into account how busy your household is

You know it’s time for you to purchase a steam mop if your regular mop couldn’t keep up with what’s happening inside your home.

Imagine yourself cleaning the floor with your regular mop while your kids are at school. They finally arrive, and you should now shift your task from mopping to taking care of your children — like preparing snacks or dinner. Isn’t it burdensome to tend to other things while at the back of your mind, you aren’t done cleaning the floor yet?

Do not forget about your own comfort

  • Ease of use. A diligent cleaner deserves a great cleaning companion. And by great, it means that it is the most comfortable to use. The majority of steam mops are lightweight, very easy to maneuver, swivel and can even be folded flat.

However, if you have some mobility issue, you might want to get a steam mop with an adjustable handle. This ergonomic feature will lessen the strain of stretching and bending too much.

  • Ease of maintenance. For you to maintain the quality cleaning your steam mop gives, make sure you’ve read the manual thoroughly. Make sure the water tank is emptied after use, mop pads are regularly cleaned and replaced, and the steam mop itself is cooled completely before storage.
  • Ease of storage. A major advantage of a steam mop is the ability to store it easily. As it is not that bulky compared to its traditional counterpart, it doesn’t take much space in your laundry or storage room.


Steam mops, though relatively new on the market, are proven to be effective and efficient in keeping your floor neat and tidy. They offer a wider range of advantages when compared to the regular ones, including killing germs, bacteria, and dust mites!

As such, it is justifiable as to why they are more expensive. If you’re planning to invest in one, don’t forget the things we’ve mentioned in this article on how to choose the best steam mop.

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